Will M. Davies

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Assessment is an important component of formal learning, and Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) is a well established component of most online learning. However, technical issues such as interoperability and security, and pedagogic reservations as to its effectiveness still remain barriers to the uptake of CAA. In this paper we examine a number of current(More)
The aim of this study was to determine whether a low dose of ultrasound, applied over the mastoid bone, caused a subjective improvement in the level of tinnitus in long standing tinnitus sufferers. Forty patients from the Swansea Tinnitus Association volunteered to take part in a double blind crossover trial. They received a 10-minute treatment with an(More)
Psychiatry uncomfortably spans biological and psychosocial perspectives on mental illness, an idea central to Engel's biopsychosocial paradigm. This paradigm was extremely ambitious, proposing new foundations for clinical practice as well as a non-reductive metaphysics for mental illness. Perhaps given this scope, the approach has failed to engender a(More)
Measurements of the reflectivity of CO2 laser radiation (10.6 micron) from typical clinical surfaces are reported. The results obtained confirm that stray reflections from these surfaces could be a potential hazard to both patient and hospital staff. Some conducting surfaces, for example, reflect up to 95% of the radiation incident upon them and even(More)
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