Will Kopachik

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DIF is an endogenous extracellular signal that may control differentiation of D. discoideum cells. It is a dialyzable, lipid-like factor that induces stalk cell formation among isolated amebae incubated in vitro with cAMP. To examine the consequences of DIF deprivation, we have isolated several mutant strains that are impaired in DIF accumulation, and whose(More)
Anabolic effects of androgens on skeletal muscle are well documented, but the physiological and biochemical bases of these effects are poorly understood. Skeletal muscles that differ in their androgen responsiveness can be used to examine these mechanisms. We compared androgen receptor mRNA and protein levels of the rat levator ani, a perineal skeletal(More)
In rats cisplatin induces hypocalcemia, bloating of the stomach, and ulceration ameliorated through calcium supplements. This study was undertaken to test the role of calcium on the gastrin mRNA production in vitro and in vivo. RIN B6 cells were cultured in medium with calcium (1.8, 3.6 and 7.2 mM) and the active form of vitamin D (calcijex). Cisplatin was(More)
  • Will Kopachik
  • 1982
Scanning electron microscopic observations ofDictyostelium discoideum cell masses during slug formation revealed two populations around the anterior tip; one group of cells resembled elongated aggregation stream cells and their orientation suggested that they move to the tip, whereas the other group of cells were isodiametric and showed no obvious(More)
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