Will Ivancic

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Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) " bundles " have been proposed for deep-space communication in the " Interplanetary Internet. " This paper describes the first DTN bundle protocol testing from space, using the United Kingdom Disaster Monitoring Constellation (UK-DMC) satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The mismatch problems between the different(More)
The popular Internet Protocol (IPv4) has been used operationally in space on the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) satellites for remote sensing tasks since 2003. The UK-DMC satellite carries the Cisco router in Low Earth Orbit (CLEO) as an experimental payload, and use of IPv4 with CLEO and to command and control the UK-DMC satellite was demonstrated(More)
CLEO, the Cisco router in low Earth orbit, is a secondary experimental payload onboard the UK-DMC disaster-monitoring consortium remote-sensing small satellite built by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL). That router in space, its mobile networking capabilities, and the satellite's imaging capabilities have been proven as part of a demonstration and(More)
In low earth orbit(LEO) satellite network Mobility management is one of the key technologies. The aim of mobility management is to track where the subscribers are, allowing calls, SMS and other mobile phone services to be delivered to them. In this paper, we have proposed an idea of controlling the frequency hops and hence controlled the mobility management(More)
After twenty months of flying, testing and demonstrating a Cisco mobile access router, originally designed for terrestrial use, onboard the low-Earth-orbiting UK-DMC satellite as part of a larger merged ground/space IP-based internetwork, we use our experience to examine the benefits and drawbacks of integration and standards reuse for small satellite(More)
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