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Available online 7 April 2011 Purposes: To determine if perceived risk of criminal victimization, and past criminal victimization experiences, increases the likelihood of a person owning a gun for self-protection, and to determine if defects in past research concerning the way gun ownership was measured had obscured such effects. Methods: We analyzed data(More)
Incubation of murine peritoneal and spleen natural killer cells with amphotericin B at concentrations of 2.5, 5 and 10 mg/l in vitro, resulted in depression of their tumoricidal activity which had been augmented in vivo by infection with Toxoplasma gondii. In contrast, amphotericin B at the same concentrations had little or no effect on spontaneous natural(More)
We describe here a new tissue culture method for prolonged laboratory maintenance of tachyzoites of the highly virulent RH strain of Toxoplasma gondii. Using a rapidly proliferating murine tumor cell line (YAC-1), the method described is easy to perform and is as or more efficient (both in terms of yield and cost) than other traditional methods for(More)
Treatment of intact toxoplasma tachyzoites with individual mouse monoclonal antibodies to toxoplasma which are directed against individual membrane-associated antigenic determinants facilitated the phagocytosis of toxoplasma and also prepared the toxoplasma for intracellular destruction by nonelicited mouse peritoneal macrophages. In instances in which the(More)
The ability of sonicates of Toxoplasma gondii and of subcellular fractions of the organism to enhance natural killer (NK) cell activity in mice was examined. Treatment of BALB/c mice with the sonicate preparations enhanced peritoneal and splenic NK activity to the level obtained with intact tachyzoites. Similar augmentation of NK activity in A/J, C57BL/6,(More)
The energy transition in Germany stimulates regions and municipalities to set renewable energy share or CO2-emission reduction targets. This paper presents a conceptual approach to evaluate the chances and risks of high degrees of grid autarky which arises as a result of these targets. This concept is achieved by combining energy system modelling and(More)