Will Foster

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We have observed that the fatality rate of patients with posterior uveal melanomas rapidly increased from a very low rate prior to enucleation to a maximum of 8% per year during the second year after enucleation. These data suggest to us that events related to enucleation have a deleterious effect on survival, and we have postulated that these events are(More)
THIS book gives a brief and useful account of the historical development of clinical pathology. The author, like many others, has found himself in some difficulty in attempting to define the extent of what is called "clinical pathology." This branch of medicine is a child of many adoptions and embraces microscopy, pathological anatomy, clinical(More)
Myoadenylate deaminase deficiency is believed to reflect a genetic deficiency of skeletal muscle, but its pattern of inheritance has not been established. We examined, histochemically and by quantitative biochemical assay, muscle biopsy specimens from 3 putative carriers of this disorder. Adenylate kinase and creatine kinase were assayed in parallel with(More)
The biorhythm theory correlates behavior to physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles. It states that an individual's behavior is influenced by these three cycles which begin at the moment of birth and operate thereafter simultaneously. The theory is commonly tested when the occurrence of accidents is compared to the phase of the biorhythm cycles. If the(More)
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