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Rational endorsement
It is valuable for inquiry to have researchers who are committed advocates of their own theories. However, in light of pervasive disagreement (and other concerns), such a commitment is not wellExpand
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Virtuous Distinctions New Distinctions for Reliabilism and Responsibilism
Virtue epistemology has been divided into two camps: reliabilists and responsibilists. This division has been attributed in part to a focus on different types of virtues, viz., faculty virtues andExpand
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Virtuous distinctions
We can see that the virtue reliabilist project is in some ways more fundamental than the responsibilist project, since the latter importantly depends on the former. Expand
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Endorsement and assertion
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How to endorse conciliationism
I argue that recognizing a distinct doxastic attitude called endorsement , along with the epistemic norms governing it, solves the self-undermining problem for conciliationism about disagreement. IExpand
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Collective Epistemic Responsibility: a Preventionist Account
If a given scientific community faces an epistemic harm that could be prevented only by a collective action, what kind of epistemic duties fall on each of the given scientists? In this paper weExpand
Publishing without (some) belief
Method Coherence and Epistemic Circularity
Reliabilism is an intuitive and attractive view about epistemic justification. Expand
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