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The presence of the lupus anticoagulant was diagnosed in six pregnant women because they had prolonged activated partial thromboplastin and kaolin clotting times which could not be corrected by dilution of test samples with normal plasma. All previous pregnancies (14) had ended in intrauterine death in the five multigravidas. Three women had had thrombotic(More)
The history of perimeter protection is based on building fences. That basic concept evolved into detecting activity along the fences using a variety of sensors. Today a wide variety of fiber and wire-based sensors are available to mount on a fence, as well as many different types of IR, radar, optical, seismic and acoustic sensors to place along the fence(More)
The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law develops legal techniques to fight climate change, trains law students and lawyers in their use, and provides the legal profession and the public with up-to-date resources on key topics in climate law and regulation. It works closely with the scientists at Columbia University's Earth Institute and with a wide range of(More)
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