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We describe an analysis for propranolol in plasma, with use of reversed-phase "high-pressure" liquid chromatography and fluorescence detection. Pronethalol is used as the internal standard. The procedure, which involves extraction into an organic solvent, evaporation, and clean-up by micro-scale back extraction from hexane into an aqueous phase, is specific(More)
The rough, hairy surfaces of many insects and spiders serve to render them water-repellent; consequently, when submerged, many are able to survive by virtue of a thin air layer trapped along their exteriors. The diffusion of dissolved oxygen from the ambient water may allow this layer to function as a respiratory bubble or 'plastron', and so enable certain(More)
  • W Bush, Canadian Prime, J A Y A P T L E S T E, R B L A V E S A R O S H T A L U K D A, R M G R A N G E R M O R G A N M A R I J A I L I C
  • 2004
1 About every four months, the United States experiences a blackout large enough to darken half a million homes. As long ago as 1965, a massive blackout in New York captured the nation's attention and started remedial action. But that was almost 40 years ago, and still we have not ended blackouts nor even reduced their frequency significantly. Major(More)
The large Maf transcription factors, MafA and MafB, are expressed with distinct spatial-temporal patterns in rodent islet cells. Analysis of Mafa(-/-) and pancreas-specific Mafa(∆panc) deletion mutant mice demonstrated a primary role for MafA in adult β-cell activity, different from the embryonic importance of MafB. Our interests here were to precisely(More)
We present the results of a combined theoretical and numerical investigation of the rim-driven retraction of flat fluid sheets in both planar and circular geometries. Particular attention is given to the influence of the fluid viscosity on the evolution of the sheet and its bounding rim. In both geometries, after a transient that depends on the sheet(More)
Daniel Tranel ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Shaun Vecera, for providing a supportive, productive environment. Shaun provided the support I needed to push forward and the guidance I needed to know where to push. These five years have been a great ride and they would not have been the same without such a supportive mentor. I would like(More)
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