Will Bush

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We report recent efforts in the design and construction of water-walking machines inspired by insects and spiders. The fundamental physical constraints on the size, proportion and dynamics of natural water-walkers are enumerated and used as design criteria for analogous mechanical devices. We report devices capable of rowing along the surface, leaping off(More)
The large Maf transcription factors, MafA and MafB, are expressed with distinct spatial-temporal patterns in rodent islet cells. Analysis of Mafa(-/-) and pancreas-specific Mafa(∆panc) deletion mutant mice demonstrated a primary role for MafA in adult β-cell activity, different from the embryonic importance of MafB. Our interests here were to precisely(More)
Daniel Tranel ii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank my advisor, Shaun Vecera, for providing a supportive, productive environment. Shaun provided the support I needed to push forward and the guidance I needed to know where to push. These five years have been a great ride and they would not have been the same without such a supportive mentor. I would like(More)
Multifactor dimensionality reduction (MDR) method was proposed by M.Ritchie et al. in [1]. This new nonparametric method goes back to the work by R.Michalski concerning the conceptual clustering algorithm. During the last 10 years more than 200 papers using such techniques in genetic analysis were published. In applications to genom-wide association studies(More)
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