Wilko Reinhardt

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Among the most popular distributed applications in today's networks are Hypermedia Retrieval Systems. Due to their rising popularity as well as performance limitations imposed by the underlying communication system the well known 'World Wide Web' is turning a 'World Wide Wait': Response times increase and at peak traffic times many sites are virtually(More)
This paper presents an approach to design a powerful and flexible controller architecture in order to support new applications across various heterogeneous networks. The approach allows a run-time configuration of the protocol modules. In contrast to existing systems, the developer has the choice to apply different implementation strategies to a module,(More)
This paper analyses the performance of the ISODE stack and of the convergence protocol between OSI TP0 and TCP defined in the RFC 1006. The measurements were carried out using a newly developed software monitor, which allows to run various experiment types. Measurement results show a significant performance gap between TP0 and TCP. To bridge this gap we(More)
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