Wilhelm Metzger

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In this paper, we have investigated the performance of a large-area (1 cm/sup 2/) square-shaped silicon drift detector (SDD) operating as an X-ray detector in direct conversion mode, as well as a photodetector in combination with a single crystal CsI:Tl scintillator (10 mm /spl times/ 10 mm /spl times/ 7 mm). An external FET, along with a low-noise charge(More)
For spatially resolved X- and gamma ray detection pixelated scintillator arrays are used. In this study we simulate the quantum gain process of a scintillator array and its impact on the detective quantum efficiency of the detector system. The simulation tool comprises a full physical Monte-Carlo model of the X-ray interactions as well as the transport(More)
This study examined the intrinsic performance of silicon drift detector (SDD)-based gamma detectors under a variety of conditions. The prototype detector consisted of an array of seven hexagon-shaped SDDs optically coupled to a single slab of a scintillator. The active area of the SDD sensor was 15.2 mm in diameter, as measured from one vertex to another.(More)
There is great technological interest in elucidating the effect of particle size on the luminescence efficiency of doped rare earth oxides. This study demonstrates unambiguously that there is a size effect and that it is not dependent on the calcination temperature. The Y₂O₃:Eu and Gd₂O₃:Eu particles used in this study were synthesized using wet chemistry(More)
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