Wilhelm Meiners

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In-stent restenosis is still an important issue and stent thrombosis is an unresolved risk after coronary intervention. Biodegradable stents would provide initial scaffolding of the stenosed segment and disappear subsequently. The additive manufacturing technology Selective Laser Melting (SLM) enables rapid, parallel, and raw material saving generation of(More)
The additive manufacturing technique selective laser melting (SLM) has been successfully proved to be suitable for applications in implant manufacturing. SLM is well known for metal parts and offers direct manufacturing of three-dimensional (3D) parts with high bulk density on the base of individual 3D data, including computer tomography models of(More)
An experimentally obtained pressure-volume (P-V) diagram is of special significance to compressor engineers. In such experiments, the measurement of valve opening instants are used as reference signals to set the absolute level of the cylinder pressure signal. These valve signal measurements have typically been measured using proximity sensors. However, the(More)
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