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The interactive, simulation-aided analysis of material flow systems is often done with the help of virtual reality. If a user wants to influence the simulation run, the simulation and the visualization have to be computed simultaneously. Large, detailed simulation models, which can not be calculated fast enough, can not be analyzed interactively. This paper(More)
Telework is considered, as an innovative work organization form for new decentralized structures. The flexibility of tele-work in the dimensions time and location of task execution must make it possible to take advantage of this work organization for the companies competitiveness.Today, telework is mainly used for isolated tasks and those with few cross(More)
Visualising is a method used to help experiencing a nd understanding causal cohesions in simulation processes. For this purpose, tools for visualising are already implemented in prevalent simulation systems. The user creates his simulation model and generates a 3-dimensional (2,5-dimensional) visualising by means of the simulation system. This helps(More)
The requirements on production systems and their planning and control systems are constantly growing. Systems have to be flexible and provide viable solutions at the same time. Different planning and control approaches, such as optimization, simulation and combination of techniques etc., that attempt to solve the scheduling problems are available.(More)
Decision support in production planning and control has to face special properties of production processes and systems. To find an optimal solution for decision problems in this domain is usually np-hard and a proper definition of objective functions and constraints is extremely difficult. One reason for the problem of proper model definition for classical(More)