Wilhelm Dangelmaier

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Humanitarian operations comprise a wide variety of activities. These activities differ in temporal and spatial scope, as well as objectives, target population and with respect to the delivered goods and services. Despite a notable variety of agendas of the humanitarian actors, the requirements on the supply chain and supporting logistics activities remain(More)
The interactive, simulation-aided analysis of material flow systems is often done with the help of virtual reality. If a user wants to influence the simulation run, the simulation and the visualization have to be computed simultaneously. Large, detailed simulation models, which can not be calculated fast enough, can not be analyzed interactively. This paper(More)
New approaches in the design of manufacturing systems, such as adaptive and service-oriented manufacturing systems or self-optimizing resources introduce new degrees of freedom into manufacturing control. Fast adaptation to quickly changing market requirements and new objectives summarized by the term sustainability are the main drivers of these new(More)
Visualising is a method used to help experiencing a nd understanding causal cohesions in simulation processes. For this purpose, tools for visualising are already implemented in prevalent simulation systems. The user creates his imulation model and generates a3-dimensional (2,5-dimensional) visualising by means of the simulation system. This helps examining(More)
The requirements on production systems and their planning and control systems are constantly growing. Systems have to be flexible and provide viable solutions at the same time. Different planning and control approaches, such as optimization, simulation and combination of techniques etc., that attempt to solve the scheduling problems are available.(More)