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Fructans are fructose-based polymers associated with freezing tolerance. They might act directly via membrane stabilization or indirectly by stimulating alternative cryoprotectants. Fructans and fructan biosynthetic enzymes, in general, are believed to be present in the vacuole. This paper draws particular attention to the surprising presence of fructans(More)
SUMMARY Mineral nitrogen (N) fertilization in cereals is commonly split into three or four applications. In order to simplify N fertilization, a single N application either broadcast or placed on the soil surface was compared to conventionally split fertilization for winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). The 4-year experiment (2007–2010) was performed using(More)
Due to the increasing demand for sustainable biofuels, microbial oils as feedstock for the transesterification into biodiesel have gained scientific and commercial interest. Also, microbial carotenoids have a considerable market potential as natural colorants. The carbon to nitrogen (C/N) ratio of the respective cultivation media is one of the most(More)
Phenotypic plasticity of two primitive wheat species (Triticum monococcum L. and Triticum dicoccum S.) was studied in response to early chilling stress. Selection pressure differentials, gradients and plasticity costs on plant morphogenesis, growth and reserve carbohydrate consumption were estimated. Regression analysis was applied to investigate(More)
Agroforestry is a new name for a rather old practice. From a historical point of view, various agroforestry systems existed in Europe, of which the wood pastures (Neolithicum), the Dehesas in Spain (~4,500 years old) and the Hauberg of the Siegerland (established in the Middle Age) are the most prominent. Other widespread systems in Europe were hedgerows,(More)
The use of sensor technologies is standard practice in the domain of precision farming. The variety of vendor-specific sensor systems, control units and processing software has led to increasing efforts in establishing interoperable sensor networks and standardized sensor data infrastructures. This study utilizes open source software and adapts the(More)
Because the impact of agronomical factors on bakery products quality is still an insufficiently studied field, acrylamide contents of breads produced from flours of nine wheat, two rye, and two spelt varieties harvested in 2003 and 2004 were investigated. It could be demonstrated that acrylamide content in bread strongly depends on the cultivar, with(More)
IntroDuCtIon Intercropping, defined as growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same field AbStrACt Interspecific competition between species influences their individual growth and performance. Neighborhood effects become especially important in intercropping systems, and modeling approaches could be a useful tool to simulate plant growth under(More)