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Run-length coding has attracted much attention in wavelet-based image compression because of its simplicity and potentially low complexity. The main drawback is the inferior RD-performance compared to the state-of-the-art-coder SPIHT. In this paper, we concentrate on the embedded progressive run-length code of Tian and Wells (1996, 1998). We consider(More)
An analysis of spatial context conditioning and run-length coding in embedded progressive, wavelet-based image coding is presented. The analysis shows that run-length coding of certain context subsequences is superior to pure entropy coding, both in terms of coding performance and of execution speed. Based on these considerations, a novel, intuitive context(More)
Preoperative risk assessment for image based surgery planning often requires considerable technical and personnel resources especially for certain complex interventions, such as liversurgery.The purpose of the project SIMPL wastoestablish aremote service for specialized tasks in medical image analysis and the visualization of results. In this context we(More)
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