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A model for the quaternary structure of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase (nucleosidetriphosphate:RNA nucleotidyltransferase, EC is presented. It is based on results from classification of profiles of enzyme molecules, and from application of immuno electron microscopy. Classification of molecules, prepared with the single carbon layer technique, was(More)
A VD hotline started in January 1973 at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, N.J., was evaluated with the following results. Hotline operators handled 260 calls in 1973. The typical caller was a 20-year-old employed male who heard about the hotline from a friend, wanted information about clinic hours and costs, and had questions about symptoms of venereal(More)
ffir die B io syn the se des Hyper i c ins d i sku t i e r t wird: O x y d a t i v e Ve rkn i i p fung des R h e i n a n t h r a n o l s z u m Dihydrod i rhe in a n t h r o n (Sennidin) u n d o x y d a t i v e D e h y d r i e r u n g fiber dessen g n o I f o r m z u m D e h y d r o d i r h e i n a n t h r o n . N a c h d e m n n t e r den B e d i n g u n g(More)
3-(2-Bromo[1-14C]acetamidoethyl)-thio-rifamycin SV, abbreviated BrAcNEtS-Rif, and alkylating derivative of rifamycin SV was synthesized. A four-fold excess of BrAcNEtS-Rif inhibited the enzymic activity of RNA polymerase from Escherichia coli to 97%. Incubation of RNA polymerase with Br[14C]AcNEtS-Rif led to covalent substitution. The reaction of(More)
A new technique for interbody lumbar spondylodesis using a new cancellous metal, plug-shaped construct was performed in 35 cases with spondylolisthesis or lumbar instability. All of these patients have had severe low-back pain for years, some with radicular symptoms and had been treated unsuccessfully for years. In a follow-up study, 28 of these patients(More)
The synthesis of pyrenyl-choline derivatives is reported. The interactions of these compounds with the acetylcholine receptor has been studied in developing chick myotubes in culture and in the adult frog neuromuscular junction with electrophysiological techniques. In vivo, the compounds display the pharmacological characteristics of nicotinic antagonists.(More)
Antibodies against the isolated subunits alpha, beta, and beta' of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase from E. coli have been prepared. They have been used to compare the extent of antibody-binding, as measured by complement fixation, to the isolated subunits and to the intact enzyme, in the absence and presence of ligands, such as inhibitors, nucleotides,(More)
The interaction of sigma subunit of E. coli RNA polymerase with DNA, either double or single-stranded, and with two inhibitors of RNA synthesis was investigated by using antibodies directed against the subunit. Free sigma subunit was shown to interact with poly(dA), poly(dT), poly(dAC).poly(dGT), T7 DNA and, to a lesser degree, with lambda DNA. When the(More)