Wilfried Sihn

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During the last 10 to 15 years, a renaissance of industrial engineering can be observed in manufacturing industry, as well as in scientific research. As a consequence, time and motion studies (TMS) become more important again. During the downturn of methodical approaches in industrial engineering in the 1980s, TMS-related competencies were lost in industry.(More)
In the last decade, numerous learning factories for education, training, and research have been built up in industry and academia. In recent years learning factory initiatives were elevated from a local to a European and then to a worldwide level. In 2014 the CIRP Collaborative Working Group (CWG) on Learning Factories enables a lively exchange on the topic(More)
In sequenced automobile assembly, the assignment of personnel is done at almost all major manufacturers subordinate to the sequencing, resulting in sub-optimal utilization of personnel resources. By integrating the sequence planning with the personnel assignment planning, a significant increase in hours-per-vehicle efficiencies is possible. The presented(More)