Wilfried Reimche

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To secure the availability of machines and facilities, the reaction to beginning damage must be as fast as possible. Thus, early detection of damage initiation is crucial to the quick planning and execution of reconditioning measures. This helps to minimize downtime and increase availability. Modern high performance transmissions in fabrication and energy(More)
In this study, magnesium is alloyed with varying amounts of the ferromagnetic alloying element cobalt in order to obtain lightweight load-sensitive materials with sensory properties which allow an online-monitoring of mechanical forces applied to components made from Mg-Co alloys. An optimized casting process with the use of extruded Mg-Co powder rods is(More)
An increasing demand on high product quality and effective production processes requires process-oriented nondestructive defect detection methods. Fundamental investigations based on the eddy current technique are presented to demonstrate the development of an innovative test method, supported by finite element method simulation. Main influence is caused by(More)
Modern high performance transmissions in fabrication and energy industries more and more have to satisfy high requirements concerning their nominal load, running properties and operational stability. Helical gears with small modules are usually used to meet these demands. To assure an undisturbed operation, to avoid unplanned downtimes and consequential(More)
The development of non-destructive hardness-test methods within a new innovative economic process chain based on precision forging technology for the mass production of high performance components is to be introduced. The project is integrated in the Collaborative Research Centre 489 (SFB 489) which has the aim to reduce the entire process chain by(More)
Magnetic magnesium alloys can be utilised as a load sensitive material, in which the inverse magnetostrictive effect is used in order to measure the actual loads in structural components manufactured from such lightweight sensor alloys. To achieve a material which exhibits magnetic properties, magnesium is alloyed with ferromagnetic materials like cobalt or(More)
Cold rolled flat steel is still the classic material for the automotive industry and as quality demands ever increase it becomes necessary to characterize not only singular test samples at isolated positions of the steel strip but to provide immediate information on the produced steel sheet quality over the entire length of the steel strip. Since such a(More)
Recent years have seen the rise of vibration problems associated with structures, which are more delicate and intricate, machines, which are faster and more complex, and production processes, which are automated and interlinked. The occurred problems are direct related with demands of lower investment, running and maintenance costs in coincidence with the(More)
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