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Regeneration of resorbed edentulous sites can be induced by bone grafts from the subject himself and/or by the use of biomaterials. At present, there has been an extensive search for biomaterials(More)
ENGELKE, .; BELW TRAN, V.; DECCO, O.; VALDIVIA-GANDUR, I.; NAVARRO, P. & FUENTES, R. Changes in morphologyof alveolar buccal walls following atraumatic internal root fragmentation. Int. J. Morphol.,(More)
BELTRAN, V.; MATTHIJS, A.; BORIE, E.; FUENTES, R.; VALDIVIA-GANDUR, I. & ENGELKE, .W Bone healing in transversemaxillary defects with different therapies with anorganic bovine bone in humans. Int. J.(More)