Wilfried E Dieterle

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BACKGROUND There has been little systematic research about the extent to which German physicians accept or reject the concept and practice of a) clinical practice guidelines (CPG) and b) evidence based medicine (EBM)The aim of this study was to investigate German office-based physicians' perspective on CPGs and EBM and their application in medical practice.(More)
We present results of a detailed analysis of inclusive direct photon production at the $(3095). The direct photon momentum distribution for x > 0.4 is presented and compared with the leading-order QCD pre-diction. The total production rate is found to be consistent with theoretical expectations, but the observed momentum distribution is considerably softer.(More)
INTRODUCTION This survey aimed to investigate German ambulatory physicians' opinions about mandatory continuing medical education (CME) and CME resources shortly before the introduction of mandatory CME in 2004. METHODS A structured national telephone survey of general practitioners and specialists was conducted. Main outcome measures were opinions about(More)
Preliminary results on two-photon interactions from the SLAC-LBL Mark II magnetic detector at SPEAR are presented. The cross section for n' production by the reaction e+e-f e+e-n' has been measured over the beam energy range from 2 to 4 GeV. The radiative width PYY(n') has been determined to be 5.8 + 1.1 keV (220% systematic uncertainty). Upper limits on(More)
G. S. Abrams, M. S. Alam, C. A. Blocker, A. M. Boyarski, M. Breidenbach, C. H. Broll, D. L. Burke, W. C. Carithers, W. Chinowsky, M. W. Coles, S. Cooper, B. Couchman, W. E. Dieterle, J. B. Dillon, J. Dorenbosch, J. M. Dorfan, M. W. Eaton, G. J. Feldman, H, C. Fischer, M.E.B. Franklin, G. Gidal, G. Goldhaber, G. Hanson, K. G. Hayes, T. Himel, D. G. Hitlin,(More)
Direct electrons are observed in baryon events produced in e+e' annihilation at center-of-mass energies above the h,7i, threshold. These events are attributed to charmed baryon pair production and subsequent hc semileptonic decay. Various semileptonic branching ratios of the ho are determined, including BR(hP -) et X1 = (4.5 t 1.7) %. Submitted to Physical(More)
Two-photon interactions have been studied with the SLAC-LBL Mark II magnetic detector at SPEAR. The cross section for n' production by the +reaction e e + e+e-n' has been measured at beam energies..from 2.0 GeV to 3.7 GeV. The radiative width Pyy(n') has been determined to be 5.8kl.l keV (+20% systematic uncertainty). Upper limits on the radiative widths of(More)
A search has been made for the inclusive production of J /$J (3. +and 'I' (9.4) mesons in e e interactions at 29 GeV, via their decay into two leptons. No signal is observed in the J/Q region, nor in 1) the T region. The limits on the cross sections are o(e+e--+$X) < 4.4 X 1O-36 cm2 , and a(e+e+ TX) i 4.7 x 10 -36 cm2 . The same data yield limits on the(More)