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Using mobile games in education combines situated and active learning with fun in a potentially excellent manner. The effects of a mobile city game called Frequency 1550, which was developed by The Waag Society to help pupils in their first year of secondary education playfully acquire historical knowledge of medieval Amsterdam, were investigated in terms(More)
Open online distance learning in higher education has quickly gained popularity, expanded, and evolved, with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as the most recent development. New web technologies allow for scalable ways to deliver video lecture content, implement social forums and track student progress in MOOCs. However, we remain limited in our ability(More)
Present economic developments are characterised by globalisation and internalisation. Networks and relationships between companies from different regions are increasing in importance and are used for purposes of investments, trading and research and development. At the same time, the product demands are increasing. Customers expect a rapid availability of(More)
BACKGROUND When teachers employ ineffective ways of coping with stressful encounters with pupils, this may result in feelings of distress and diminished learning opportunities for pupils. In the case of beginning teachers, in particular, problematic classroom interactions cause feelings of distress and may result in dysfunctional teaching. AIM This study(More)