Wilfrido Moreno

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Packet loss causes degradation in the quality of Voice Over IP (VOIP) applications. Forward Error Correction (FEC) methods which add redundant information to voice packets can be used to minimize the effects of packet loss. While these methods can reduce the effects of packet loss, they increase the amount of bandwidth used by a voice stream. This paper(More)
Postoperative cognitive dysfunction, POCD, afflicts a large number of elderly surgical patients following surgery with general anesthesia. Mechanisms of POCD remain unclear. N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, critical in learning and memory, that display protein expression changes with age are modulated by inhalation anesthetics. The aim of this study(More)
—A Model Predictive Control Based Trajectory Tracking (MPCTT) system for small unmanned helicopters is presented. A linear model predictive controller is used to take advantage of the fast algorithms available to solve convex optimization problems. The proposed MPCTT system is compared with a velocity tracking and a position tracking system implemented with(More)
— Mobile device based human-centric sensing and participatory sensing provide a vast context about the user state information. To capture and recognize any user state, then to classify it requires operating all existing sensors in a mobile device continuously. Nonetheless, constantly running sensors drain the mobile device's battery rapidly. Therefore, it(More)
The development of science and technology in the last fifteen years has shown new dimensions of reality characterized by complex interactions on the physical, quantum, biological, cognitive, social and ecological areas, enabling new ways of producing information and knowledge. This paper aims to show a framework of a new curricular development approach that(More)
— In this study the current usage of each associated joint of a humanoid robot (NAO) during stand up process is analyzed. This study is the extension of our previous study [1] where the energy consumption of single and overall joints of a NAO robot during the walking process was researched while keeping the same stiffness values for all joints. This paper(More)