Wilfrido Miguel Contreras-Sánchez

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The karyotype of the tropical gar Atractosteus tropicus is described from conventional Giemsa-staining of 295 mitotic chromosome slides from 120 larvae and 15 adults (five females and ten males) from(More)
The tropical gar A. tropicus plays an important ecological role as it regulates other fish stocks in different water bodies in Southeastern México. Nevertheless, wild populations are declining, and(More)
In Mexico, the biology of Procambarus has been more studied than the biology of other Cambarids because of its diversity and potential use in aquaculture. We determined the karyotype of the Mexican(More)
The structure of the ovary and oogenesis of Poecilia mexicana from an active sulfur spring cave is documented. Poecilia mexicana is the only poeciliid adapted to a subterranean environment with high(More)