Wilfrido Alejandro Moreno

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Packet loss causes degradation in the quality of Voice Over IP (VOIP) applications. Forward Error Correction (FEC) methods which add redundant information to voice packets can be used to minimize the effects of packet loss. While these methods can reduce the effects of packet loss, they increase the amount of bandwidth used by a voice stream. This paper(More)
A novel method is presented for swarm formation control with potential fields generated from bivariate normal probability density functions (pdfs) that construct the surface the swarm members move upon controlling the swarm geometry and member spacing as well as manage obstacle avoidance. Limiting functions provide tighter swarm control by modifying and(More)
A simplified analysis is presented for controller design of small scale helicopters for non-aggressive flight scenarios. A MATLAB based detailed approach was followed to analyze the mathematical characteristics of the system, and to aid the design process of PID/PD and fuzzy logic controllers for the yaw, the pitch, the roll (Euler angles) and the height(More)
This paper presents a novel framework that includes an inhomogeneous (time-variant) Hidden Markov Model (HMM) and learning from data concepts. The framework either recognizes or estimates user contextual inferences called `user states' within the concept of Human Activity Recognition (HAR) for future context-aware applications. Context-aware applications(More)
Diversity in unmanned vehicle designs and control as well as diversity in existing autopilots lead to major compatibility issues among different platforms. The small number of different autopilot designs currently available in the market and their limitations, justifies the rationale for proposing design of a new modular, flexible, easy to integrate(More)