Wilfredo Palma

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Theobjective of thiswork is to propose a statisticalmethodology to handle regressiondata exhibiting long memory errors and missing values. This type of data appears very often in many areas, including hydrology and environmental sciences, among others. A generalized linear model is proposed to deal with this problem and an estimation strategy is developed(More)
A statistical methodology for detecting influential observations in long-memory models is proposed. The identification of these influential points is carried out by case-deletion techniques. In particular, a Kullback–Leibler divergence is considered to measure the effect of a subset of observations on predictors and smoothers. These techniques are(More)
Indoor and outdoor endotoxin in PM2.5 was measured for the very first time in Santiago, Chile, in spring 2012. Average endotoxin concentrations were 0.099 and 0.094 [EU/m(3)] for indoor (N=44) and outdoor (N=41) samples, respectively; the indoor-outdoor correlation (log-transformed concentrations) was low: R=-0.06, 95% CI: (-0.35 to 0.24), likely owing to(More)
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