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Enhancing students akhlaq behaviour through holistic assessment
In Malaysia, public examination is the only mode of measuring students’ achievement to date. But in line with the on-going national educational system transformation, a new assessment method will beExpand
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An empirical online collaborative learning system with grid portal technology
A collaborative learning environment allows building software or digital contents and educational authoring activities with online collaborative tools . Expand
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Multiple-choice items analysis using classical test theory and Rasch measurement model
The purpose of this study is to analyze the level of difficulty item and person ability using two measurement frameworks, Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Rasch Measurement Model (RMM). A total of 100Expand
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Research results utilization in vocational education policy making in Malaysia
This research assessed the utilization of research findings in technical and vocational education (TVE) policy development process and determined ways to bridge the gap between TVE research andExpand
New academia learning innovation: introducing the job creation program for undergraduate students in University Teknologi Malaysia
Job Creation program has been introduced in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) since Semester 2, Session 2012/2013. Job Creation is one of UTM’s credited general courses under the Innovation,Expand
Extent of education for sustainable development (ESD) integration in Malaysian community colleges
This study was conducted to assess the extent to which ESD is being integrated in community colleges in Malaysia. It was pursued using quantitative-qualitative cross-sectional research design. TheExpand
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Leaders credibility, organisation and capability: leadership skills as a mediator
Experts and renowned leadership institutions asserted that leadership skill is a key tool to develop leadership capability. This research pioneered in testing whether this is valid or not byExpand
Capable leaders are essential to unlock the potential of workforce, in terms of productivity, learning, continuous improvement, quality and customer service. This study was conducted to ascertain theExpand
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The application of rasch measurement model in measuring changes of students' perception on their problem solving ability
The main purpose of this study is to measure changes of students' perception on their problem solving ability over time by using Rasch Measurement Model. Pre-experimental with one groupExpand