Wilfredo Alfonso

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OBJECTIVES The objectives of the study were to determine the compliance of a group of dental health care workers and students in aspects of cross-infection control. DESIGN The dentists and dental students working in a dental clinic were observed by a 'hidden' ceiling-mounted video camera. Procedures were recorded onto videotape and the actions of the(More)
The Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm is a swarm intelligence technique which models the individual and group foraging policies of the E. Coli bacteria as a distributed optimization process. The algorithm is structurally complex due to its nested loop architecture and includes several parameters whose selection deeply influences the result. This(More)
Steady State Visually Evoked Potentials (SSVEP) are signals produced in the occipital part of the brain when someone gaze a light flickering at a fixed frequency. These signals have been used for Brain Machine Interfacing (BMI), where one or more stimuli are presented and the system has to detect what is the stimulus the user is attending to. It has been(More)
In contrast to the wide array of research that uses swarm intelligence to solve optimization problems, a few approaches have recently been taken a feedback control perspective as we do here. To employ a feedback control approach, this paper shows that an algorithmic model of how honeybees forage can be used for control of smart lights. We show that only(More)
This paper presents the implementation of a controller based on Adaptive Task Allocation Algorithm (ATAA) for a traffic network with signalized intersections, where it is required to decrease waiting times of vehicles at every intersection. The main contributions of this work are the implementation of ATAA controller under a Model Predictive Control (MPC)(More)
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