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Phytochemical investigations of Stemona curtisii and synthetic studies on stemocurtisine alkaloids.
The isolation of two new Stemona alkaloids, 1-hydroxyprotostemonine and stemocurtisine N-oxide, and a new benzofuran, stemofuran L, from the root extracts of Stemona curtisii is reported. The majorExpand
Phytochemical and larvicidal studies on Stemona curtisii: structure of a new pyrido[1,2-a]azepine Stemona alkaloid.
A new pentacyclic Stemona alkaloid, stemocurtisinol (3), with a pyrido[1,2-a]azepine A,B-ring system, and the known pyrrolo[1,2-a]azepine alkaloid oxyprotostemonine (4) have been isolated from a rootExpand
Alkaloids from the roots of Stemona aphylla.
Three known compounds, stemofoline (1), (2'S)-hydroxystemofoline (2), and (11Z)-1',2'-didehydrostemofoline (3), along with two new alkaloids, stemaphylline (4) and stemaphylline-N-oxide (5), haveExpand
Phytochemical studies on Stemona plants: isolation of stemofoline alkaloids.
Six new stemofoline alkaloids, (2'R)-hydroxystemofoline (5), (3'R)-stemofolenol (6), (3'S)-stemofolenol (7), 1',2'-didehydrostemofoline-N-oxide (8), the first C(19) stemofoline alkaloid,Expand
Alkaloids from the Roots and Leaves of Stichoneuron halabalensis and their Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities
A study of the hitherto unreported Stichoneuron halabalensis Inthachub led to the characterization of the known compounds (+)-α-tocopherol and (R)-(+)-goniothalamin; four known Stemona alkaloids,Expand
Alkaloids from the roots of Stichoneuron caudatum and their acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities.
Four new stichoneurine-type alkaloids, stichoneurines F and G (1-2) and sessilistemonamines E and F (3-4), have been isolated from the root extracts of Stichoneuron caudatum. The structures andExpand
Phytochemical studies on Stemona aphylla: isolation of a new stemofoline alkaloid and six new stemofurans.
A new stemofoline alkaloid, (2'S)-hydroxy-(11S,12R)-dihydrostemofoline (3), new stemofurans M-R (8-13), and known compounds stemofoline (1), (2'S)-hydroxystemofoline (2), stemofuran E (4), stemofuranExpand
Stemocurtisine, the first pyrido[1,2-a]azapine Stemona alkaloid.
A new pentacyclic stemona alkaloid, stemocurtisine (2), with a novel pyrido[1,2-a]azapine A,B-ring system, has been isolated from a root extract of Stemona curtisii. The structure and relativeExpand
Semisynthesis and biological activity of stemofoline alkaloids.
The semisynthesis of the Stemona alkaloids (3'R)-stemofolenol (1), (3'S)-stemofolenol (2), methylstemofoline (3), and (3'S)-hydroxystemofoline (5) and the unnatural analogues (11E)-methylstemofolineExpand
Semisynthesis and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of stemofoline alkaloids and analogues.
Semisynthesis of the known Stemona alkaloids oxystemofoline (7) and methoxystemofoline (8) has been achieved starting from (11Z)-1',2'-didehydrostemofoline (6), which confirmed their structures andExpand