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Phytochemical and larvicidal studies on Stemona curtisii: structure of a new pyrido[1,2-a]azepine Stemona alkaloid.
A new pentacyclic Stemona alkaloid, stemocurtisinol, with a pyrido[1,2-a]azepine A,B-ring system, and the known pyrrolo-1,1-a-a zepine alkaloids, isolated from a root extract of S. curtisii showed significant larvicidal activity on mosquito larvae.
Alkaloids from the roots of Stemona aphylla.
Three known compounds, stemofoline (1), (2'S)-hydroxystemofoline (2), and (11Z)-1',2'-didehydrostemofoline (3), along with two new alkaloids, stemaphylline (4) and stemaphylline-N-oxide (5), have
Phytochemical investigations of Stemona curtisii and synthetic studies on stemocurtisine alkaloids.
The isolation of two new Stemona alkaloids, 1-hydroxyprotostemonine and stemocurtisine N-oxide, and a new benzofuran, stemofuran L, from the root extracts of Stemona curtisii is reported. The major
Phytochemical studies on Stemona plants: isolation of stemofoline alkaloids.
Six new stemofoline alkaloids have been isolated from a root extract of an unidentified Stemona species and the structure and relative configuration have been determined by spectral data interpretation and from semisynthetic studies.
Alkaloids from the Roots and Leaves of Stichoneuron halabalensis and their Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Activities
A study of the hitherto unreported Stichoneuron halabalensis Inthachub led to the characterization of the known compounds (+)-α-tocopherol and (R)-(+)-goniothalamin; four known Stemona alkaloids,
Building Artificial Solid‐Electrolyte Interphase with Uniform Intermolecular Ionic Bonds toward Dendrite‐Free Lithium Metal Anodes
Li metal has been widely regarded as a promising anode for next‐generation batteries due to its high theoretical capacity and low electrochemical potential. The unstable solid‐electrolyte interphase
Achieving High‐Performance Metal Phosphide Anode for Potassium Ion Batteries via Concentrated Electrolyte Chemistry
Metal phosphides are regarded as promising anode candidates for high‐energy‐density potassium‐ion batteries (PIBs) due to their high theoretical capacity and relatively low operation voltage. The
Sodium-difluoro(oxalato)borate (NaDFOB): a new electrolyte salt for Na-ion batteries.
A new electrolyte salt, sodium-difluoro(oxalato)borate (NaDFOB), was synthesized and studied, which enables excellent reversible capacity and high rate capability when used in Na/Na0.44MnO2 half cells, in strong contrast to the solvent dependent performances of NaClO4 and NaPF6.
Stemocurtisine, the first pyrido[1,2-a]azapine Stemona alkaloid.
A new pentacyclic stemona alkaloid, stemocurtisine, with a novel pyrido[1,2-a]azapine A,B-ring system, has been isolated from a root extract of Stemona curtisii, determined by spectral data interpretation and X-ray crystallography.
Phytochemical studies on Stemona aphylla: isolation of a new stemofoline alkaloid and six new stemofurans.
A new stemofoline alkaloid, (2'S)-hydroxy-(11S,12R)-dihydrostemofoline (3), new stem ofurans M-R (8-13), and known compounds stem ofoline, stemofuran E, stem ofuran F, and stilbostemin F have been isolated from the root extracts of Stemona aphylla.