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The goal of this study was to provide a representative description of the normal placenta with contrast medium-free magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in order to determine a standard of reference. One hundred consecutive singleton pregnancies were investigated by MRI without application of a contrast medium. The mean gestational age (GA) at the time of(More)
Oxytocin is clearly involved in human reproduction and serves an important role in sexual arousal. Oxytocin serum levels were measured before and after sexual stimulation in 12 healthy women. Values of oxytocin 1 min after orgasm were significantly higher (p < 0.05) than baseline levels. This finding supports the hypothesis that oxytocin plays a major part(More)
AIM To evaluate whether fetal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could replace early postnatal MRI in fetuses with central nervous system (CNS) anomalies. METHODS Thirteen pregnancies presenting with fetal CNS anomalies were investigated using MRI. Indications included ventriculomegaly combined with additional CNS anomaly (n=5), isolated ventriculomegaly(More)
INTRODUCTION To examine whether three-dimensional ultrasound (3D US) is an accurate diagnostic method of clinical use in the ability to define the location and extent of facial clefting prenatally, compared to two-dimensional ultrasound (2D US). METHODS 18 foetuses suspected or diagnosed to suffer from a facial cleft by 2D US were examined with a targeted(More)
PURPOSE To compare hepatic perfusion values after orthotopic liver transplantation with those in healthy volunteers. MATERIALS AND METHODS Dynamic single-section computed tomography (CT) of the liver was performed in 50 participants, including 30 study patients who had undergone orthotopic liver transplantation and had no clinical evidence of(More)
Acardiac anomaly is a rare complication of multiple pregnancies. Arterial-to-arterial vascular anastomoses between twins, in the presence of a fused placenta, develop in the first trimester. Consequently the pump twin provides the acardius with blood. The second case of acardiac twin pregnancy with cytogenetic analysis of the acardiac showing the karyotype(More)
There is little information about the interaction between melatonin, sexual steroids and neuroendocrine system in postmenopausal females, even if former research showed that melatonin is clearly involved in human physiology and pathophysiology. We evaluated the overnight urinary excretion of 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (6-SMT) using a radioimmunoassay in 60(More)
BACKGROUND The interaction of melatonin to sterility and anovulation as well as related hormonal disorders has not been sufficiently examined yet. We set out to investigate the interaction between melatonin and hyperprolactinemia, hyperandrogenemia, hypothyreosis and obesity in premenopausal females. METHODS We evaluated the overnight urinary excretion of(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study was to evaluate the outcome of fetal ovarian cysts in relation to their size and ultrasonic appearance. METHODS We retrospectively analysed pre- and postnatal charts of 61 infants with a prenatal diagnosis of ovarian cysts between 1991 and 2000. RESULTS In a total of 61 fetuses 65 ovarian cysts were detected by(More)