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In recent times, micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) are becoming popular for several applications as rescue, surveillance, mapping, etc. Undesired motion between consecutive frames is a problem in a video recorded by MAVs. There are different approaches, applied in video post-processing, to solve this issue. However, there are only few algorithms able to be(More)
The emerging branch of micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) has attracted a great interest for their indoor navigation capabilities, but they require a high quality video for tele-operated or autonomous tasks. A common problem of on-board video quality is the effect of undesired movements, so different approaches solve it with both mechanical stabilizers or video(More)
This paper describes a 3D path planning system that is able to provide a solution trajectory for the automatic control of a robot. The proposed system uses a point cloud obtained from the robot workspace, with a Kinect V2 sensor to identify the interest regions and the obstacles of the environment. Our proposal includes a collision-free path planner based(More)
In this paper, we propose an algorithm for pedestrian detection focusing on UAV applications. Our proposal is based on a combination of Haar-LBP features with Adaboost for the training process, and Meanshift for improving the performance of the pedestrian detector. We mount a dataset with images captured from surveillance cameras. Our dataset and algorithm(More)