Wilbert Alberts

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A combination of three superheated drop detectors with different neutron energy responses was developed to evaluate dose-equivalent and energy distributions of photoneutrons in a phantom irradiated by radiotherapy high-energy x-ray beams. One of the three detectors measures the total neutron dose equivalent and the other two measure the contributions from(More)
It has been well known for a long time that the biological effectiveness of photons and electrons depends on the mean linear energy transfer (LET) of the radiation considered, e.g. (60)Co gamma rays are less effective than soft or hard X rays. Nevertheless, the protection and operational dose quantities applied in radiological protection include weighting(More)
ASML is the world's leading provider of complex lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. Such systems consist of numerous servo control systems. To design such control systems, a multi-disciplinary model-based development environment has been developed. It is based on a set of domain specific languages (DSLs) describing A) the transducers and(More)
The bubbled are generated in the superheated liquid neutron sensor when it exposed to the neutron dose. Acoustic signal is generated during the bubble formation. The acoustic signal is sensed by the piezo-electric transducer. The number of bubble can be correlated with incidence neutron dose. The paper presents a new bubble detection method for superheated(More)
Measurements in nearly monoenergetic beams of 144, 24.5, and 2 keV neutrons and of thermal neutrons have been performed with low-pressure proportional counters. The suitability of a tissue-equivalent proportional counter (TEPC) for dosimetry of low-energy neutrons has been investigated. In contrast to higher neutron energies, the modification of the primary(More)
A directional dose equivalent monitor is introduced which consists of a 30 cm diameter spherical phantom hosting a superheated drop detector embedded at a depth of 10 mm. The device relies on the similarity between the fluence response of neutron superheated drop detectors based on halocarbon-12 and the quality-factor-weighted kerma factor. This implies(More)
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