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Neighbour discovery (ND) is an important process for self-configuration as it provides useful information, such as neighbour nodes with some power saving parameters, for other processes. In wireless sensor networks, transmission power adjustment is one of the possible ways to minimise energy consumption and prolong network lifetime. This paper proposes the(More)
—In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), controlling transmission power is a commonly used technique to extend battery life. This paper describes a novel mechanism using measured RSS (Received Signal Strength) to calculate optimal transmission power. This technique works in multipath environments and with nodes with differing transmission capability. Our(More)
One of the major challenges of computer system design is the management and conservation of energy while satisfying QoS requirements. This paper considers two methods for reducing energy consumption of the CPU and network interface card by using Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) and Transmission Power Control (TPC) techniques. Moreover, energy fairness is(More)
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