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Experiments to develop a rhodium catalyst for the [4 + 2 + 2] cycloisomerization of dienynes with a second alkyne are described. The generality of the reaction is probed in terms of dienyne structure and alkyne structure. A catalyst system that provides cyclooctatrienes in greater than 70% yield is reported. Several experiments to determine the nature of(More)
Exposure to a low-level mixture of volatile organic compounds, typical of those found in new buildings, has been reported to impair neurobehavioral function in persons who have experienced sick building syndrome (SBS). Sixty-six healthy young males who had no history of chemical sensitivity were exposed for 2.75 h to a complex mixture of volatile organic(More)
How do the requirements for entering the profession of psychology compare with those for other professions? Differences in licensure and board certification requirements were examined across 13 professions. Median earnings and the amount of time to complete requirements were compared. Findings indicate that practicing psychologists have a protracted period(More)
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