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A multicenter randomized clinical trial can offer exciting and challenging opportunities to the clinical coordinators and other health professionals who participate in the conduct of a clinical trial at the clinical units. This article will address an acute intervention trial, the Multicenter Investigation of the Limitation of Infarct Size, and demonstrate(More)
Impairment of the ability to recognize facially expressed emotions was studied in 14 chronically disoriented patients with chronic organic brain syndrome (CBS). This impairment was named prosopo-affective agnosia (PAA). A diagnostic requirement was relatively intact neurologic functioning in underlying perceptual-verbal-motor processing. A test was designed(More)
The causal-locus hypothesis (CLH) asserts that persons making internal attributions for failure and external attributions for success experience more negative postoutcome moods than persons making the opposite attributions. Three experiments assessed the CLH. Although outcomes consistently affected moods and attributions, attributions did not affect moods.(More)
Toxicopy can be understood as an analogon to placebo but within any setting. Placebo is state-of-the-art since decades with relevant consequences: Only those effects may be considered as being pharmacon-specific, that go beyond non-pharmacological ("Placebo") effects. Placebo--theory is a limitation for the applicability of Morgans Canon (4), which is/was(More)
In 1998, the 1876 founded "preussische Provinzialirrenanstalt", a large asylum in Merzig (Germany), was closed down. Instead several psychiatric departments were founded in the rural county ("Bundesland"). On the asylum's former area in Merzig a new and modern general hospital including a psychiatric department was established. The present article will show(More)