Wiktor Malesza

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— The paper presents switching strategy that is equivalent to one type of variable order derivative definitions. The numerical scheme, based on matrix approach, for this type of the definition is also introduced. Using this approach the identity of the switching strategy and considered definition is derived. The switching scheme can be used as an(More)
In the paper, a novel practical analog modeling of multiple-switching fractional order systems based on recursive fractional variable order integrals, is introduced. Presented circuit, based on domino ladder approximation of half order impedance, allows to multiple-switching between orders 0.5 and 1. Moreover, numerical scheme for solving variable order(More)
In the paper, an analytical description in the continuous-time domain of additive-switching scheme for fractional variable-order differ-integrals will be presented. Moreover, composition property of variable-order differ-integrals realized by means of additive-switching scheme with constant-order differ-integral will be investigated. Analog realization(More)
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