Wijnand T. M. Mooij

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We present a novel atom-atom potential derived from a database of protein-ligand complexes. First, we clarify the similarities and differences between two statistical potentials described in the literature, PMF and Drugscore. We highlight shortcomings caused by an important factor unaccounted for in their reference states, and describe a new potential,(More)
This study addresses a number of topical issues around the use of protein-ligand docking in virtual screening. We show that, for the validation of such methods, it is key to use focused libraries (containing compounds with one-dimensional properties, similar to the actives), rather than "random" or "drug-like" libraries to test the actives against. We also(More)
ProteinCCD (CCD for Crystallographic Construct Design) aims to facilitate a common practice in structural biology, namely the design of several truncation constructs of the protein under investigation, based on experimental data or on sequence analysis tools. ProteinCCD functions as a meta-server, available online at http://xtal.nki.nl/ccd, that collects(More)
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