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Critical behavior in (2+1)-dimensional QED.
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Superstrings at high temperature.
The behavior of ten-dimensional superstrings at high temperatures is studied by use of the microcanonical ensemble. We focus on closed superstring theories. The massive string excitations alone haveExpand
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Spontaneous chiral-symmetry breaking in three-dimensional QED.
A detailed analysis is given of chiral-symmetry breaking in the large-flavor (N) limit of quantum electrodynamics in (2+1) dimensions. Analytical and numerical solutions of the homogeneousExpand
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Zero Temperature Chiral Phase Transition in SU(N) Gauge Theories.
We investigate the zero temperature chiral phase transition in an SU({ital N}) gauge theory as the number of fermions {ital N}{sub {ital f}} is varied. We argue that there exists a critical number ofExpand
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Chiral hierarchies and flavor-changing neutral currents in hypercolor.
Dynamical chiral-symmetry breaking in asymptotically free theories with a slowly running coupling is analyzed. When the confinement scale ..lambda.. is much less than the cutoff M beyond which theExpand
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Induced Chern-Simons terms at high temperatures and finite densities.
The CP nonconserving portion of the gauge-field effective action for an even number of left-handed SU(2) fermion doublets, with nonzero chemical potentials ..mu../sup i/, is calculated to leadingExpand
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Dynamical violation of parity and chiral symmetry in three-dimensional four-Fermi theory.
We study dynamical symmetry breaking in (2+1)-dimensional quantum electrodynamics with four-Fermi couplings. Using the large-{ital N} expansion and an effective potential method we show that theExpand
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(2+1)-dimensional QED and a novel phase transition.
We investigate the chiral phase transition in (2+1)-dimensional QED. Previous studies of symmetry breaking have found that symmetry breaking ceases to occur when the number of fermion flavors exceedsExpand
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Chiral hierarchies and chiral perturbations in technicolor theories.
It is shown that in an asymptotically free theory a slowly running coupling enhances the value of the appropriately defined fermion condensate while keeping the Goldstone-boson decay constantExpand
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Numerical studies of enhanced chiral condensates.
The results of a systematic numerical study of spontaneous chiral-symmetry breaking in gauge theories with slowly running couplings are summarized. For a range of such theories, the chiral condensateExpand
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