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Dental radiography meets challenge to classify the dents into the proper class which useful for forensic and biomedical application. This paper proposed a novel method of classification and numbering on posterior dental radiography using support vector machine (SVM) with mesiodistal neck detection. In this method we developed SVM using a nouvelle feature(More)
Pembuatan peta dari citra satelit biasanya mengalami kesulitan jika hanya memakai sebuah citra. Hal ini dikarenakan seringnya muncul gangguan (misalnya berupa awan) yang berada di atas suatu wilayah. Biasanya, para ahli geografi melakukan fusi citra satelit multi-temporal untuk membuat peta wilayah yang terbebas dari gangguan tersebut. Penelitian ini(More)
People are constantly looking for ways to improve their health and one approach that could be taken in addition to exercising is managing daily nutrition intake. Even though to get fit and healthy we must manage our daily nutrition intake often we do not know what nutrients are present in food. Therefore, before eating we need to look for nutrition(More)
Generally, post-stroke patients suffer physical disorder or paralysis in various level. Common treatment to restore the functionality of the paralyzed limb is by doing motoric therapy. This therapy was done in hospital and was monitored by therapists. However, most of the post-stroke patients choose not to do therapy since their access to hospital is(More)
Directional Filter Banks (DFB) is a method for directional decomposition. It has been used in image enhancement procedure that involved image with many edges. The design of Decimation-Free Directional Filter Bank (DDFB) is made to give a better result for enhancement. However, the design cannot give an adaptive directional decomposition based on input(More)
Fishery has contributed a lot to Indonesian economy development such as domestic industries, micro industries, and export industries. Tuna is one of the fishery product. To produce tuna fish product, an industry must separate tuna based on their type. Nowadays, the separation process is still done manually. As consequence, the process was slow and the error(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic image thresholding method based on an index of fuzziness and a fuzzy similarity measure. This work aims at overcoming the limitation of the existing method which is semi-supervised. Using an index of fuzziness, two initial regions of gray levels located at the boundaries of the histogram are defined based on the fuzzy(More)
Dynamic visual information from the lip movement can significantly improve the accuracy and robustness of an automatic speech recognition system in a noisy environment. Useful geometric information about lip movement, such as the temporal variation of mouth width and height, can be obtained easily from a segmented lip. However, there is a difficulty in lip(More)
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