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Transcriptional regulation in multi-cellular organisms is a complex process involving multiple modular regulatory elements for each gene. Building whole-genome models of transcriptional networks requires mapping all relevant enhancers and then linking them to target genes. Previous methods of enhancer identification based either on sequence information or(More)
Classification of voice signals in a time domain for detecting some disturbances can be made through mining unique episodes in temporal information systems. In ideal case, a voice signal is periodic and signal shapes in each period are the same. In case of larynx diseases, some disturbances in a voice signal can be distinguished. Selected time windows(More)
  • Wieslaw Paja
  • 2015
Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. Early detection and successful treatment of this disease often is possible. The main goal of this paper is to present results of application of feature selection method to find the most important or all important features that characterize melanocytic spots on the skin and in this way defining of a new Total(More)
In this paper the development of a new internet information system for analyzing and classifying melanocytic data, is briefly described. This system also has some teaching functions, improves the analyses of datasets based on calculating the values of the & Knap, et al., 2003) parameter. Calculations are based on two methods: the classical ABCD formula(More)