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This paper presents an easily implementable method for determining the set of PID controllers that stabilize an LTI system with or without a time delay while satisfying certain robustness requirements. The adopted approach, which does not require approximating the time delay or solving complex non-algebraic equations, draws directly on the graphic approach(More)
Many popular model-reduction techniques do not ensure matching the steady-state response of the original system to canonical inputs (harmonic and singularity inputs). This paper shows that steady-state response retention can simply be achieved by decomposing the forced response into a transient and a steady-state component and by applying the reduction(More)
Many aspects of human adaptation to changing environment remain unanswered, even if a substantial progress has been made towards a better understanding of populations evolution in recent years. This paper proposes an explanatory model of evolutionary adaptation that seems to account fairly well for certain qualitative dynamic patterns pointed out by(More)
Compartmental models are widely used in in many fields of science including pharmacokinetics, epidemiology, bioengineering, complexity theory, and even economics and the social sciences. The reason of such a success lies in their ability to describe the way materials or energies are transmitted among the compartments. Often, it is assumed that these(More)