Wieslaw J Roth

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Molecular sieves with uniform large pores are desirable for chemical reactions and for use in separations involving large molecules. 1 Periodic cubic and hexagonal mesoporous silica phases with uniform large pores have been synthesized by using nonionic triblock and star diblock copolymers as templates. 2 Control over the pore size is achieved by adjusting(More)
The synthesis of inorganic-organic composites and mesoporous materials with structures and functions over different length scales has ramifications in diverse areas, such as large-molecule catalysis, biomolecule separations, miniaturization of electronic devices, chro-matographic supports, the formation of semiconductor nanostructures, and the development(More)
There have been several investigations on the synthesis of inorganics in molecular assemblies such as reverse micelles, 1-4 LB films, 5 vesicles, 5 and block copolymers. 6 Synthetic methodologies are also known for the formation of mesoporous materials 7,8 based on the coassembly of surfactants and ionic species. After calcination these lead to the(More)
The present study examines the effects of water soluble extracts of gas-phase cigarette smoke on intracellular transglutaminase activities of intact, murine, bone marrow-derived macrophages maintained in culture. Western blotting of cell lysates utilizing noncross-reactive antisera indicate that mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages contain both tissue-type(More)
Despite success in the synthesis of mesoporous materials in various meso-and macroscopic forms, 1-11 the simultaneous control of pore size and morphology in monolithic structures has been hampered by the lack of a generalized synthetic method suitable to multicomponent systems such as microemulsion multiphase compositions. Known procedures for the(More)
The properties of zeolites, and thus their suitability for different applications, are intimately connected with their structures. Synthesizing specific architectures is therefore important, but has remained challenging. Here we report a top-down strategy that involves the disassembly of a parent zeolite, UTL, and its reassembly into two zeolites with(More)
The present study demonstrates the existence of tissue transglutaminase in rabbit alveolar macrophages and measures the effects of cigarette smoke extracts on the activity of enzyme partially purified from these cells. The effects of smoke on transglutaminase purified from guinea pig liver are also measured. A water soluble component of gas-phase cigarette(More)
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