Wiesje L J A Pulles

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The production of acid mine drainage (AMD) containing high amounts of sulfate, heavy metals and low pH is of increasing concern. AMD is highly corrosive and results in economic and environmental problems. Organic electron donors for sulfate reduction were chemically characterised for potential use in AMD treatment. This was done in a process to develop a(More)
BACKGROUND A relationship between pain perception and cognitive function is evident. However, the directionality of this association is unclear and may be influenced by age. That is, inverse associations between pain and cognition have been reported in young and middle-aged chronic pain patients, whereas higher clinical pain ratings have been associated(More)
OBJECTIVE   In this study, the relationship between pain intensity, neuropsychological, and physical function in adult chronic pain patients was examined. DESIGN   Thirty participants with chronic pain completed neuropsychological tests tapping mental processing speed, memory, and executive function. Pain intensity was measured with three visual analog(More)
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