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Software architecture of distributed measuring systems (DMS) based on "Web services" is proposed. It allows implementation of a system independent of the operational platform, containing free of charge components. Designing DMS using "Web services" one can create an integrated measuring system in which each service is written in a different language, making(More)
The paper presents results of the examination of the deterministic network used by the distributed virtual instrument. Software technology applied to control measurement data transfer between the real-time components was presented. Configuration of the laboratory test stand, designed to examine deterministic network is described. Results of the research are(More)
 The paper deals with applications of cryptographic methods in design of secured versions of Distributed Measurement Systems (DMS). In the paper wide range of cryptographic algorithms is assessed and some of them are chosen and proposed as well suited to DMS specific requirements. Some specialized low power, high speed, hardware solutions for cryptographic(More)
The paper presents the application of the classifier fusion to identify electrical appliances present in the household. The analysis is based on the processing of features extracted from the current signal, recorded by the dedicated data acquisition hardware, installed in the vicinity of the energy meter. The selected features are based on the medium(More)
− The paper presents the proposal of a new mathematical tool for LabVIEW environment – the Large Number Library. After the short introduction describing the security issue in the Distributed Measurement-Control Systems (DMCS), the most popular asymmetric encryption algorithms (public-key encryption algorithms) are described in order to demonstrate the need(More)
This work presents static and mobile agent technology and the ability to use it in the distributed measurement systems. In order to show the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, the measurement system using a group of agents was designed. The elements of the system are described: measurement servers, data acquisition agent, visualization agent,(More)
The paper presents the analysis of the time measurement methods in the virtual instrumentation. Problem of the software operations time efficiency assessment is presented. Different methods and functions of the time measurement in the integrated programming environments are discussed. Experiments using the exemplary virtual instrument are conducted to(More)
− The paper presents the implementation of the Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) in the measurement system, where the virtual instruments equipped with the multi-core processors are used. The encryption algorithm is first presented, then its modification to take advantage over the multi-core processor is described. Implementation of the latter in the(More)
The article presents the parametric method for functional testing of virtual instruments. The process of instrument design and implementation has been combined with the process of its testing. The possibilities of using the parametric method for functional testing in the process of design and verification of correct operation of the virtual instrument have(More)
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