Wiesław Watorek

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The properties of plant purple acid phosphatases (PAPs), metallophosphoesterases present in some bacteria, plants and animals are reviewed. All members of this group contain a characteristic set of seven amino-acid residues involved in metal ligation. Animal PAPs contain a binuclear metallic center composed of two irons, whereas in plant PAPs one iron ion(More)
Azurocidin, also known as cationic antimicrobial protein 37 kDa (CAP37) or heparin-binding protein (HBP) is an inactive homolog of serine proteinases residing in granulocytes. The ability to cleave peptide bond was lost due to replacement of two of the three residues from the conserved catalytic triad characteristic for serine proteinases. Azurocidin has a(More)
Transferrins play a major role in iron homeostasis and metabolism. In vertebrates, these proteins are synthesised in the liver and dispersed within the organism by the bloodstream. In oviparous vertebrates additional expression is observed in the oviduct and the synthesised protein is deposited in egg white as ovotransferrin. Most research on ovotransferrin(More)
Azurocidin is an inactive serine protease homolog with primary sequence similarity to neutrophil elastase, cathepsin G, and proteinase 3. The aim of this study was to investigate possible consequences of differential glycosylation of azurocidin in regard to its secretion, protein stability as measured by susceptibility to proteolysis, and antibacterial(More)
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