Wiesław M. Macek

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We focus on classical chaotic systems corrupted by white and colored noise. We study the dependence of the correlation dimension and the Kolmogorov entropy on the noise level and its spectral exponent. As is well known, white noise strongly reduces the width of the scaling region for the correlation dimension and entropy. On the contrary, we demonstrate(More)
We consider a low-dimensional model of convection in a horizontally magnetized layer of a viscous fluid heated from below. We analyze in detail the stability of hydrodynamic convection for a wide range of two control parameters. Namely, when changing the initially applied temperature difference or magnetic field strength, one can see transitions from(More)
Objective The aim of the course is to give students an introduction to the new developments in nonlinear dynamics and (multi-)fractals. Emphasis will be on the basic concepts of fractals, multifractals, chaos, and strange attractors based on intuition rather than mathematical proofs. The specific exercises will also include applications to intermittent(More)
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