Wiersma Paul

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An anther-specific Brassica napus cDNA, A6, and two corresponding Arabidopsis thaliana genes have been isolated. Sequence analyses of A6 revealed similarity to beta-1,3-glucanases. The deduced A6 protein differs from other beta-1,3-glucanases in the possession of a long C-terminus. Immunoblotting using an antibody raised to the A6 protein detects a temporal(More)
Male sterility in a petunia cytoplasmic male sterile line has been attributed to the early appearance of active callase, a beta-1,3-glucanase, in the anther locule. This leads to premature dissolution of the callose walls surrounding the microsporogenous cells. We have mimicked this aspect of the petunia line in transgenic tobacco by engineering the(More)
A 355 cauliflower mosaic virus promoter and a tapetum-specific promoter were used to direct the synthesis in tobacco of preproactinidin and a derivative that lacked a C-terminal extension. Preproactinidin was processed into a form that migrated identically on protein gels with mature actinidin extracted from kiwifruit. This protein was proteolytically(More)
Colorectal cancer is one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality in Western countries, the second cause of cancer mortality in the USA and a major public health problem in Mexico. A diet rich in legumes is directly related to the prevention of colon cancer, showing an inverse relationship with the development of colorectal adenomas in human(More)
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