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The automotive industry is moving aggressively in the direction of advanced active safety. Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) is a key enabling technology for the next generation communication-based safety applications. One aspect of vehicular safety communication is the routine broadcast of messages among all equipped vehicles. Therefore, channel(More)
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks is a special kind of mobile ad hoc network to provide communication among nearby vehicles and between vehicles and nearby fixed equipments. VANETs are mainly used for improving efficiency and safety of (future) transportation. There are chances of a number of possible attacks in VANET due to open nature of wireless medium. In this(More)
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is an emerging and promising technology that places great demand on the access capability of the existing wireless technology. In VANET one primary issue is Medium Access Control (MAC), which aims to utilize the radio spectrum efficiently, to resolve potential contention and collision among vehicles for using the medium.(More)
Over the last years we have observed two trends in information technology applications: (1) Kiosk systems have become very popular in their roles as point of information and point of sale systems. (2) Multimedia products have become mature enough to allow for user-friendly user interfaces and for digital storage and retrieval in net-worked environments.(More)
The deployment of gigabit networks and broadband services has started to support multimedia applications, however, these gigabit networks are rarely saturated since only a few applications are able to stress the network. We consider a future scenario where the use of multimedia applications, such as audio and video telecon-ferencing in a multiuser(More)