Wied Pakusa

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Motivated by the quest for a logic for PTIME and recent insights that the descriptive complexity of problems from linear algebra is a crucial aspect of this problem, we study the solvability of linear equation systems over finite groups and rings from the viewpoint of logical (inter-)definability. All problems that we consider are decidable in polynomial(More)
We investigate structural properties of ω-automatic presentations of infinite structures in order to sharpen our methods to determine whether a given structure is ω-automatic. We apply these methods to show that several classes of structures such as pairing functions and infinite integral domains do not have an ω-automatic model.
Choiceless Polynomial Time (CPT) is one of the candidates in the quest for a logic for polynomial time. It is a strict extension of fixed-point logic with counting (FPC) but to date it is unknown whether it expresses all polynomial-time properties of finite structures. We study the CPT-definability of the isomorphism problem for relational structures of(More)
Choiceless Polynomial Time (CPT) is one of the most promising candidates in the search for a logic capturing Ptime. The question whether there is a logic that expresses exactly the polynomial-time computable properties of finite structures, which has been open for more than 30 years, is one of the most important and challenging problems in finite model(More)
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