Wiebke Wenzel

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i Once upon a time, in July 1991, the monks of Corsendonk Priory were faced with a school held in their priory, namely the 2 nd European Summer School on Machine Learning. After listening more than one week to a wide variety of learning algorithms, they felt rather confused: Which algorithm would be optimal? And which one to avoid? As a consequence of this(More)
The scope of visual attention changes dynamically over time. Although previous research has reported conditions that suppress peripheral visual processing, no prior work has investigated how attention changes in response to the variable emotional content of audiovisual narratives. We used fMRI to test for the suppression of spatially peripheral stimuli and(More)
A new procedure for calculating eld points with the boundary element method (BEM) is outlined. In the conventional BEM (CBEM) eld points are computed as post{processing by recurrently solving the boundary integral equation with known boundary data for every eld point of interest. This procedure is very time-consuming. On the other hand, newly developed(More)
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