Wiebke Kaemper

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Abundance and diversity of bumblebees have been declining over the past decades. To successfully conserve bumblebee populations, we need to understand how landscape characteristics affect the quantity and quality of floral resources collected by colonies and subsequently colony performance. We therefore investigated how amount and composition of pollen(More)
The abundance and the diversity of bumblebees have been declining for the past decades. While some species remain abundant and widespread, others have experienced vast declines. We tested if diet breadth and exclusiveness of floral resource use affected abundance and land-use response of bumblebees and honeybees in heterogeneous agricultural landscapes.(More)
Vocal acquisition in songbirds and humans shows many similarities, one of which is that both involve a combination of experience and perceptual predispositions. Among languages some speech sounds are shared, while others are not. This could reflect a predisposition in young infants for learning some speech sounds over others, which combines with(More)
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