Wiebke Köhlmann

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Verschiedene Untersuchungen belegen die Nutzbarkeit der Lernplatt-form Moodle durch blinde Nutzer. Die Barrierefreiheit von E-Learning-Angeboten hängt jedoch nicht nur von der technischen Gestaltung der Plattform an sich, son-dern auch stark von der inhaltlichen Aufbereitung der zur Verfügung gestellten Dokumente durch die Lehrenden ab. Diese Arbeit(More)
Human-machine interaction by gestures helps to improve communication: it utilizes means of communication which are common to humans but alien to machines. We consider ergonomic, functional and semantic issues in gesture-based interfaces without visual feedback. Such situations arise with the unobtrusive usage of wearable devices but, more importantly, with(More)
An increasing number of developers of virtual classrooms offer keyboard support and additional features for improving accessibility. Especially blind users encounter barriers when participating in visually dominated synchronous learning sessions. The existent accessibility features facilitate their participation, but cannot guarantee an equal use in(More)
Blind learners access digital materials and platforms using assistive technologies such as screen readers and braille displays. Virtual classrooms are e-learning applications, which allow learners to interact e. g. using text chat, audio and video conference and dynamic whiteboard. However, their dynamic, interactive and visual character poses barriers to(More)